13 as the Master Gateway - A Journey into the 13 Chakras – Wisdom Wear by Ameera
13 as the Master Gateway - A Journey into the 13 Chakras

13 as the Master Gateway - A Journey into the 13 Chakras

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A few years ago, my Mer Family began to speak to me specifically about the number 13, the cycles of nature, and how the human energy system, or chakras, are directly connected to the number 13.

Remember: we are a part of, not separate from the Cosmos and the inner workings of the Universe. All is Divinely created and orchestrated… so when The Mer and Arch Angel Metatron begin to teach me about the more esoteric relationship between our bodies and 13 I knew I would need to share with the world. After all, we are evolving past the knowledge that has been taught for eons around the 7 chakras. We are ready to receive more, and Quantum Leap the ascension of our bodies, Spirits, and consciousness into Meta-Human status! 

As a result of what I have learned and my desire to teach, heal and share, I have an online course waiting for you… 

13 as the Master Gateway – A Journey into the 13 Chakras 

The number 13… The ancient Atlanteans understood it as an esoteric Gateway to creating an accelerated path to understanding their Divinity and Mastery. The number 13 is the key to understanding our selves as multidimensional beings living on Earth.

The understanding of the number 13 and the 13 Chakra Template within YOU is theGateway to aligning yourself with the BluePrint of all Creation and with your personal Uprising into Higher Consciousness.

In this 3 hour course Ameera will teach you:

*Location of your 13 Chakras

*How to activate your template

*The layers of the aura

*How to access your aura

*The 13th Master Chakra

*How to use the Gold Ray to raise your vibration

*How  Metatron’s Cube associated with the 13 Chakras

*How we are becoming multi-dimensional beings

*Activate your 13 Chakras template through Metatron’s Cube

You will also receive the full-color course PDF’s and the Zoom link to participate in class!

Upon purchasing will receive your course via Dropbox right away! 

I look forward to all the revealings of this year as we continue deeper down the rabbit hole together discovering our power, potential and the joy of creating.

Ameera Beth Mer Healer ~ Star of the Sea~