Lemurian Rays Activation Course – Wisdom Wear by Ameera
Lemurian Rays Activation Course

Lemurian Rays Activation Course

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Learn the Lemurian Rays with Ameera Atlantis

**Video and Powerpoint emailed ASAP**

The Lemurian Ray spectrum holds the Light codes and keys to support our connection to this land. In this Learning Course Ameera shares her knowledge of the Lemurian Rays and how we can all access them for healing and information.

*Learn the Feminine Geometries associated with the Lemurian Rays

*Remember the Rays you personally carry and the new colors emerging

*Learn how the Mer Beings are connected to Lemuria.

*Receive information of Matrix being vs. Divine Source energies

*Bring balance with Masculine and Feminine opening of Lemurian key codes As we open and explore the teachings of this civilization

Ameera will teach you to pass this knowledge into your own students/clients.